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Rollerskate Event: Party Package(s)

Public or Private Rollerskating events party packages

  • 1 h
  • per hour/per session
  • Location 1

Service Description

TCS Party Package! General hourly event rate: Includes two or more staff on site, 60+ pairs of skates/ around 15 crates/ or 1 -2 bins of each size up to size 15, 6 bins of rollerblades various sizes (35 in total), party lights, safety equipment, a single speaker and playlist music, set up breakdown, drop off pick up, temporary benches and yoga mats, large rollerskate and flag for photo booth. Grind Rail and projector by request. Single Events $300 per hour for 1 hour of service ($300) $250 per hour for 1.5 hours of service ($375) $200 per hour for 2 hours of service ($400) $190 per hour for 2.5 hours of service ($475) $175 per hour for 3 of service ($525) $150 for 4+ hours of service ($600+) Package deals (everything is adjustable) $1,000 for 6 hours /3 events at 2 hours per event $1,200 for 7.5 hours/ 3 events at 2.5 hours per event $1,400 for 9 hours /3 events at 3 hours per event $1,700 for 12 hours/4 events at 3 hours each $2,300 for 15 hours/5 events at 3 each (below last year's prices per hour!) DJ, food/artist vendors, videographer/photographer, venue, performers all have their own prices, we are able to serve as a center hub for some transactions to include with the party package.(Usually around $200 per person per gig) Friday/saturday 10% increase on final price Booking requirements 50% quoted price for deposit for booking (first/one time only) Rainy day policy: Will make up on soonest available agreed date OR settle for the agreed deposit fee 1 single free consultation/site tour meeting, $30 per hour after for event planning Ongoing events and contracts are negotiable with agreement, loyalty rewarded with price breaks

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