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Rollerskate Event Services

Providing all of your rollerskate party needs... We bring the party to YOU!

A La Carte/ Per party item + rentals

We can offer all of our services for smaller scaled parties or for those that just need a little extra to add on.

Rollerskate Hourly + Party packages

Includes two or more staff on site, 60+ pairs of skates/ around 15 crates/ or 1 -2 bins of each size up to size 15, 6 bins of rollerblades various sizes (35 in total), party lights, safety equipment, a single speaker and playlist music, set up breakdown, drop off pick up, temporary benches and yoga mats, large rollerskate and flag for photo booth.

Grind Rail, games, projector by request $.

Rollerskate Event Collaborations

Reserved for special large events and pre-approved circumstances.  The Public will be charged at event for rental skates and/or split admission upon agreed deal with the venue or event host.

examples: Hollidazzle, Art-A-Whirl, State Fair

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